When a major oil spill occurs, it is important to take response measures based on an appropriate contingency plan to minimize the damage. Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) has been promoting various research and development programs in order to provide necessary information to compile the contingency plan that enables to efficient use of equipments as well as human resources. PAJ is now promoting the improvement and maintenance of the diffusion/drifting simulation model of spilled oil, research and development of the use of oil dispersant, and development of the support tools for oil spill response based on our previous research activities.
1.Improvement and maintenance of the simulation model that predicts diffusion/drifting of spilled oil

 PAJ has developed the diffusion/drifting simulation model of spilled oil which covers any Japanese coastal waters ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa. This model contains the information concerning very sensitive coastal waters and shorelines across the country can use weather data throughout Japan in an on-line real time system Although this model has all necessary function, PAJ continues the maintenance of database, the improvement and expansions of necessary functions to increase its accuracy.
  To contribute to oil spill control effort, PAJ distribute this model at cost to those who wish to use it.


          Example of the Simulation (Ise Bay)


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