For effective mechanical recovery of spilt oil and for protection of shorelines, PAJ has mainly installed oil containment boom, oil skimmers and tentative storage tanks in stockpile bases. Also, based on the lessons learnt from the past major oil spill incidents, such as the case in Alaska or in the Arabian Gulf, very popular and field-proven devices have been selected for the equipment to be stocked. Each items of the equipment, together with its accessories, is stored in dedicated containers to facilitate prompt lending and transportation in an emergency.

Boom gFoamed flotation boom of Bridgestone Corp. and othersh
FreeboardF45 cm, DraftF70 cm
Zipper-joint, Japanese specification
160 m/30 f container
Boom gNOFI Boom-Bag 200h(NOFI, Norway)
NOFI Boom-Bag 200 is designed to use to deploy quickly in order to protect vulnerable areas such as fishing banks and breeding ponds. Boom with Polyester polyvinyl chloride cloth is foldaway as zig-zag on the dedicated pallet. Inner floating body is coolite. Net weight(Boom & Pallet) is 950kg.
FreeboardF25 cm, DraftF35 cm, 200m
Boom gSelf inflatable, Uni Boom 800Rh(Renovated by YEW & PAJ)
Freeboard:80cm ADraft:100cm A250m/20f container
Boom "NOFI Vee Sweep System"iNOFI, Norwayj
NOFI Vee Sweep System is a Wedge-shaped "Open Mouth" type boom and operated by two towing vessels or one existing vessel installed with an accessorius outrigger.
Freeboard:80cm ADraft:150cm A250m/10f container.
Boom gInflatable flotation boom, Hi-Sprint 1500h(Vikoma, UK)
FreeboardF60 cm, DraftF90 cm, Unicon-joint
250 m/10 f container,

500 metres can be deployed in less than twenty minutes. This speed is due to the innovative features of single point inflation, a continuous air feeder sleeve, and a one way valve to every 3m chamber. The boom's continuous cylindrical shape, coupled with low air inflation pressure increases flexibility, and produces a very responsive containment system. The high buoyancy to weight ratio gives good wave following capability.
Boom gInflatable flotation boom, Hd Sprint Boomh(Vikoma, UK)
FreeboardF60 cm, DraftF90 cm, Unicon-joint
250 m/14 f container,

Hd Sprint Boom is manufactured from Neoprene-coated fabric that is twice the thickness of standard Vikoma fabric. Vikoma's unique construction method means that the fabric is not perforated at any point by fasteners. Together, these features substantially increase the fabric tear strength. Each boom section has internal bulkheads every 5 metres to form independent chambers.
Boom gRo-Boom 2200h (Ro-Clean Desmi, Denmark)
FreeboardF80 cm, DraftF95 cm, 250 m,
Refer to Ro-Boom 1800 below.
Boom gRo-Boom 1800h (Ro-Clean Desmi, Denmark)
FreeboardF60 cm, DraftF90 cm,
250 m/10 f container,
Ro-Boom 2200 & 1800 are both manufactured in heavy duty neoprene rubber with Hypalon external skin and is fitted with stainless steel fittings and hot galvanized ballast/tension chain, secured with reinforced chain attachment points. Internal fiberglass rods with stainless steel brackets ensure optimum skirt profile under tow.
Boom "Shoreguardian Boom & Sea Sentinel Boom" (Vikoma, UK)
When afloat, Shoreguardian has excellent wave following characteristics because of its air buoyancy/water ballast tube design. When aground, the vertical perforated inner membrane acts as a tension member and prevents the boom from rolling when grounded. Due to these features, Shoreguardian has excellent stability and sealing characteristics.
Boom gDeep Sea Boom" (Slick Bar, USA)
Deep Sea Boom has a patented "Double wall" construction that provides extra system reliability in rough use. It utilizes high strength, air-tight internal bladders which can be rapidly filled as the boom comes off its reel.
Oil Skimmer gTransrec 250" (FRAMO, Norway)
This system is designed for recovery and transferring of oil/water emulsion, emergency offloading of cargo oil and beach/coastline cleaning. Oil/water emulsion can be collected into free floating skimming devices and transferred to storage by a transfer pump combined with the bottom of the skimmer. Stretchable crane arm fitted on the hose drum lifts up/down the skimmer unit and floating hose for deployment/storage.
Oil Skimmer gTarantula" (Ro-Clean Desmi, Denmark)
Tarantula incorporates two Desmi DOP-250 pumps which deliver a maximum capacity of 250 m2/h and can develop discharge pressures up to 10 bar while maintaining nearly maximum flow. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils even with high viscosities.
Oil Skimmer gDesmi 250" (Ro-Clean Desmi, Denmark)
Recovering capacity is about 50kl/h. Net weight is about 3300kg.
Oil Skimmer gDesmi Combination Skimmer" (Ro-Clean Desmi, Denmark)
This Combination Skimmer can be controlled directionally with two thrustors by radio wave remote control and has a special belt skimmer attachment which enables the recovery of highly viscous oils that do not flow well into a conventional weir.
Crane Sweep System iRo-Clean Desmi, Denmarkj
Crane Sweep System provides several operational advantages; it allows the Desmi DOP-250 to be easily repositioned and forced or swept through the heavy oil layers - effectively force feeding the pump. The hydraulic cylinder the end of the knuckle crane allows the orientation of the pump to be adjusted, the pump along with the hoses can be lifted clear of the oil without manual assistance.
Power Vac(Vikoma, UK)
Powervac is a self contained, simple to use, one man operated oil recovery system and is a trolley mounted unit to recover oil to a standard 45 gallon barrel or optional hopper. It is designed for the removal of oiled sands, muds and debris up to a rate of 30 tonnes per hour. The high-pressure water jet can use salt or freshwater.
Mini-Vac System(Vikoma, UK)

Mini-Vac System can be easily carried both the vacuum system and the transfer pump unit by two men, and it is capable of recovering a wide range of different oils. Both modular units employ a diesel engine thereby allowing for safe operation at the spill site.
Oil Bag 200 and 50 (UNITORANorway)
Oil Bag is designed for use to store spilled oil temporarily on the ocean in cooperation with an oil skimmer.
E50m3 type:Storage capacity 50t, 17.7mL~4.1mW~1.0m(Draft),
E100m3 type:Storage capacity 100t, 27.8mL~6.4mW~1.7m(Draft),
Oily Water Separator gWQPS-010h(Wako Industrial Co., Japan)
Oily Water Separator System is designed for use to remove oil from oily water at an efficiency of more than 90% by corrugated precipitator in cooperation with an oil skimmer. Removal capacity is 10kl/h. Design pressure is 3.0kgf/cm2.
Oil Skimmer gGT-185-6" (Pharos Marine, UK (Lamor, Finland at present))h
This is PAJ Standard skimmer by the concept of "Simple is best". Recovering capacity is about 50kl/h. Net weight is about 2800kg.
Oil Skimmer gGT185-8" (GT-Pollution Technology, UK (Lamor, Finland at present))h
This is also PAJ Standard skimmer by the concept of "Simple is best". Recovering capacity is about 65kl/h. This container is adopted shutter system to push up and pull down. Net weight is about 2800kg.
Oil Skimmer Komara 12K MKU Skimmerh (Vikoma, UK)
Komara 12K can be easily deployed by two men, making it very practical by eliminating the need for expensive lifting equipment and reducing deployment time. The skimmer will recover up to 17 tonnes of oil per hour, dependant on oil type, viscosity, temperature and sea state. A wide range of oils can be recovered, from light gas oils to heavier fuel oils.
Oil Skimmer Komara Starh (Vikoma, UK)
Komara Star is able to operate across a wide spectrum of oils from high viscosity crude and fuel oils to medium viscosity oils. Skimmer and pump are not adversely affected by the small debris commonly found in an oil spill.
Oil Skimmer Komara 40h (Vikoma, UK)
Komara 40 is fitted with an onboard recovered oil transfer pump that automatically adjusts to suit the quantity of oil in the skimmer hopper. A wide range of oils can be recovered, from refined products to medium viscosity crudes and emulsions.
Oil Skimmer DIP 402 VOSSh (Slick Bar, USA)
DIP402 Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System is designed for use in cooperation with an existing vessel. By deploying the JBF VOSS over-the-side of a customer's workboat, tug or supply boat, they can have a high performance oil skimmer for emergency response to oil spills. In addition, the VOSS can be deployed from a tank barge or even from the shoreline.

Inflatable Barge gModel B25 and B100 of Lancer Bargeh(Lancer, New Zealand)
Lancer Barge is designed for use to store spilled oil and deliver to a strage place in cooperation with an existing vessel. It is adopted Dupont branded Hypalon clothing fabric and has staying power.
Deploy B25 type:Storage capacity 25t, 9.8mL~3.3mW~1.4m(Draft),
            B100 type:Storage capacity 100t, 15.5mL~5.5mW~2.1m(Draft),
Store B25 type:1.2mL~1.2mW~1.31mH(Net weight:470kg),
          B100 type:2.1mL~1.3mW~1.49mH(Net weight:887kg),
Portable Tank gFastankh(Fast Engineering, UK)
Small packaged weight and volume and High level of chemical resistance; High level of chemical resistance; compatibility chart available, Aluminium frame ensures upright walls, Smooth profile facilitates easy cleaning.
E9t type(Fastank2000):3.5m in diameter,1.5m high
E5t type (Fastank5):2.3m in diameter,1.25m high
E1.5t type(Fastank Rapide):1.72mL~1.67mW~0.6mH(Net weight:15kg)
9t & 5t type have their own dedicated storage box each.
i9t type:1.6mL~0.4mW~0.4mH(Net weight:72kg),
  5t type:1.61mL~0.46mW~0.5mH(Net weight:49kg)).
Trelltent (Trellborg, Sweden)
Trelltent rapid deployment inflatable tent and shelter system are ideal for emergency centers and worker rest facilities on disaster & oil spill site, etc. It is beneficial for catastrophic disasters or emergency situations. Acutually, this tent was effective with sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, March 20th, 1995. Around 25 square meter when it deploys. It can be connected two or more Trelltents at the same time when we require more broad space.
Oil SnareiParker Systems, Inc., USAj
Oil Snare can be captured max 414kg of heavy viscosity oil per one pack. Capture Capacity:20-60 times its own weight, depending on the viscosity of the oil. Weight:7.7kg(15m)/pack. Size:33cm~79cm
Portable Lighting System (Mori Denki Co., Japan)
Portable Lighting System is designed to use for night work at oil spill site. Actually, it was great beneficial to use this system at areas devastated by the January 17, 1995 Great hanshin Earthquake. Two sets of 400Watt Mercury Lamp covered with flame-proof apparatus and its bar carts, power cables and one dynamo-electric generator are put in one container with carriage. Net weight is about 680kg.

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