Disposal of PAJ's Oil Spill Equipment


July 2012


Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) has stored oil spill response equipment in several domestic and abroad bases, and has replaced equipment that was purchased more than 10 years ago.


PAJ again invites bids for the Power Vacs (1 container in Saudi Arabia base and 1 container in Abu Dhabi base), which were put up to auction in 2011. Although we didn’t have any bidder for them at that time, both of the Power Vacs are expected to be serviceable.


The Power Vacs have been stored inside well-built containers in warehouses, and that’s why they should be in good condition though they have not been checked since April 2011.


Vikoma, which is the manufacturer of the Power Vac, no longer produces it and it is difficult to be supplied genuine repair parts by Vikoma. The above-mentioned Power Vacs can be used for relatively small-scale oil spill response and training.



              * Details of the procedure                              Procedure of Transfer

              * Details of the equipment                             Introduction of the Equipment

                                                                       List of the Equipment

* The equipment are powered by the diesel engine with hydraulic oil, so require regular maintenance.
             Maintenance of the Equipment

* Please make a printout and send the application form by facsimile to Oil Spill Response Department of PAJ (FAX: +81-3-5218-2320).         

                                                                       Bidding Form



* Questions are to be made to:

 Petroleum Association of Japan

Oil Spill Responce & Industry Support Department, Oil Spill Response Office 

Mr. Henmi, Mr. Tega or Mr. Kimura

TEL: +81-3-5218-2306 / FAX: +81-3-5218-2320

E-mail: y.henmi@sekiren.gr.jp m.tega@sekiren.gr.jp or k.kimura@sekiren.gr.jp