Disposal of PAJ's Oil Spill Equipment


May 2016


Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) will transfer some oil spill response equipment that were acquired in the programme of PAJ's “Major Oil Spill Response Programme”.


“Major Oil Spill Response Programme” is based on the following principle;
“PAJ will lend the equipment in the event of a major oil spill incident to the parties concerned with free of charge. After the use, borrowers shall clean, check and repair at borrower's expense and return to PAJ base.”


However, there are possibilities that the aged equipment break down or cannot be used well in the emergency due to the decrease in strength and the processing performance, etc., and it might cost a lot for borrowers from the viewpoint of repair obligation.


PAJ believes our equipment still can be used in normal operation or training purpose with necessary maintenance and repair. This is the reason that PAJ will seek the applicants to purchase them.



* Details of the procedure                              Procedure of Transfer

* Details of the equipment                             Equipment List

* These equipment require regular maintenance.
              Maintenance of the Equipment

* Please send the bidding form by e-mail (PDF) to Oil Spill Response Department of PAJ.         

                                                                         Bidding Form



* Questions are to be made to:

 Petroleum Association of Japan

Oil Spill Responce & Industry Support Department, Oil Spill Response Office 

TEL: +81-3-5218-2306 

E-mail: pajosr@sekiren.gr.jp