Publication of the results of experiments on the changes of spilt oil with time
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1. Data to be published (Experiment data , photographs)

The fate of spilt oils (Experiment data & photographs)

In this database, data of the changes in properties of oils under fixed conditions can be retrieved and displayed, and a graph of these change properties over time can be displayed.
In addition, a search of the general properties of original oil is possible , and a photograph of state change of spilt oil can be displayed. The photographs of the states of the oils in the experiments just after pouring and after a lapse of 4, 24 and 72 hours.


2. Caution for the content of this home page (Including photographs)

The content of this home page is the fruit of the investigations (PAJ-93MOS-2, PAJ-94MOS-2, PAJ-95MOS-2-1, PAJ-96-OSR-2, PAJ-97-OSR-3,PAJ-98-OSR-2,PAJ-99-OSR-2,PAJ-2000-OSR-1-1) which have implemented as a part of national project "Major Oil Spill Response Programme" at a research laboratory since 1993. All the rights on contents which are the experimental data and photographs compiled for the official reports on the studies, "Fate of spilt oils" belong to PAJ. No commercial use of the contents are allowed. However, for citations in documents, these data can be used freely with the clear designation of the name of the data source, i.e.PAJ. PAJ intend to publish these data, "Fate of Silt Oils" for better utilization on the activities covering to oil spill response, but does not guarantee any suitability to the purpose of the attempted utilization. Also, PAJ will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of the data and, for any claim from third parties.


3 Evaluating the data

The test data, such as the measured value, graph and photos of test are put together for every testing condition as a set and these data, to which general properties data are added, will constitute one case of test data.

Type of oil tested: testing conditions (summer: strong wave/weak wave, winter; strong wave/weak wave, etc.)

Measured value



Basic data for physical properties

Search selection for test data can be made from the page for [Sample oils tobe tested] or [Retrieval of data] for the type of oil.

Page for tested oil type

When viewing the data for each condition, make selection on the pull-down menu of a test condition column.

To view general properties data of testing oil type, the links for a column of oil type names also display the same.

Searching the types of oil

Select the type of oil on the pull-down menu and press the search button. Applicable data will be displayed. Select the data you wish to view and examine.

Display of testing conditions

Page for measurement

Information for the tested type of oil and testing conditions are described on each data.

The display can be switched over using an identical testing condition.

Experiment data
Displays measured values.

Line charts
Displays the graph of the above-mentioned data.

Displays the picture during testing.

Long-Term Experiment
Displays the picture of a long observation conducted.

Displays the picture of re-experiment.

Displays the general properties data of tested oil.